16 months old

Oh me, Oh my. I can't believe I haven't done a 'monthly post' since June. Which is bad, because she has changed SO MUCH since then. She's not officially 16 months until Friday, but I decided I probably shouldn't put off this post, lest another month go by!

Here's what Eva Diva is up to these days:
  • Absolutely loves clapping. If she hears applause or sees someone clapping, she has to join. And when she's ultra excited (usually while watching Dora) then she starts giggling and clapping - almost to the point where she looks possessed, lol.
  • Her current vocabulary consists of thank-you (dat-two), hi (usually said in a long whisper like: hiiiiiiiiiiiiiii) oh!, wow, juice (the last three I've heard a few times, but not consistently). She is a non-stop babbler, so heaven help us when she actually speaks real words.
  • Is a dancing fiend. She now purposely turns on one of her toys that sings the alphabet song so she can dance to it. She's only got one move really, stomping really fast which is occasionally accompanied by clapping.
  • If there is a door open, she will shut it. Which is why we keep all doors closed, especially the bathroom.
  • She knows how to wave hi and bye bye. And as the true extrovert she is, Eva will frequently wave hi to complete strangers without any prompting from me.
  • It's so annoying, but she is such a daddy's girl. I don't know if it's cause she's with me all day, or if that's the way she's built. The moment he opens the door (even if she can't see him, but only hears the door) she starts waving hi, doing her stomping dance and racing to the door to greet him. When he leaves the room, she cries. She falls asleep way better for him than me. Ah well.
  • Like her momma, she already loves books. We get several books from the library once a week, and she'll often get them down from the bookshelf and 'read' them herself. (Note to grandma: this grandchild won't mind getting books for Christmas, lol) 
  • If her shoes are off, she tries to put them on. If her shoes are on, she tries to take them off. Typical diva - never satisfied!
  • Last month, we took her to the beach a couple times and she LOVED it. Playing in the sand was more fun than the water, but I think that's because we would only take her out so far. She's also been in the pool at our apartment complex - based on her enjoyment of both, I'd say she's a natural water baby. Which is a shame, because neither of her parents are! I do plan on doing swim classes with her this fall. Now that summer is (almost) over there are a lot of activities I can do with her during the week!

I weighed her on our scale today and it said 26 pounds. I would say she's probably closer to 27, since our scale has a tendency to be on the low side. She is still wearing 18 month clothes; she can fit into 24 month items, but she still has room to grow in them. She has six teeth (2 on top, 4 on bottom) and her two canines are about to cut through.

Here's a couple recent pictures of the diva: 
 Surveying what trouble she can get into at the beach

 I guess throwing sand is a fun game?

 Completely comfortable in the water

 First time on a carousel - at the mall with mommy

Typical weeknight shenanigans at our house

I continue to be amazed at the miracle of pregnancy, childbirth, and infant/toddler development. A year ago she could barely hold her head up, but now she's a little person!