Updated wish list

In honor of my pending birthday, I'm updating the wish list I posted prior to Mother's Day. Now my actual birthday is not until early October, but it's only fair that I give my friends and family and blog readers plenty of time to find these gifts, right? So here goes!

iPod - because, it's 2011. It's just time.

Victoria's Secret Gift card - We finally weaned off breastfeeding when Eva was about 13.5 months old. I REALLY NEED to get new bras.

MAC gift card - I still need new foundation. That stuff is NOT cheap.

Nomination for What Not to Wear - because I seriously would like to gut my closet and start over. I think any mom can agree that even if you do lose all your baby weight, your body is just different after housing a mini-human for 9 or so months. I can fit all my pre-pregnancy clothes. But that doesn't necessarily mean that they look good on me. Plus, we've moved 3 times within the past year, and I gave away some things to downsize my closet. (at the time of move #1 and #2 I was still wearing maternity pants) Now I'm wishing I had some of my smaller clothes that I liked but couldn't fit. Just because I'm a stay-at-home mom doesn't mean I want to look frumpy on playdates. I'd love for my new style to be 'casual, comfortable, yet cute'. Does that make sense?

Cute hair accessories - I'm thinking headbands, clips and decorative pieces like flowers. I'm experimenting with either wearing my hair natural (meaning I'd stop chemically straightening it) OR just spreading out the time between chemical treatments. So I've been trying out some new hair styles which would look even cuter with some of the products shown here or here, just as examples.

Gym membership - I miss going to the gym. I'm not good at working out at home. Plus, I haven't been to a spin class since in almost 2 years (had to quit when I got pregnant) and I loved them! There's a couple local gyms that offer childcare and I would jump at the chance to join one.

Tennis shoes - The ones I currently wear were given to me as a graduation present from the hubby. That was 5.5 years ago. Me thinks it's time for a new pair.

ok, I think that's a pretty extensive list. I'll probably update it once more after my birthday for Christmas ;)



Let's just call my one-month gap between blog posts a hiatus, shall we? Because that sure sounds better than 'I was being lazy and kept putting off blogging until before I knew it a month had passed'. My mom had emailed me to see why I hadn't posted anything and here was my response: 'Best of intentions mixed with procrastination results in 2 weeks of silence on the blog ;)'

It's not like I didn't have anything to write about. I always had ideas for blog posts in my head, yet never actually sat down to type them out. Honestly, I just didn't feel like writing. As much as I love blogging my thoughts, I don't ever want it to feel like an obligation. 

I will note that this is only one side-effect of my lifelong battle as a recovering procrastinator. I don't think I'll ever overcome this genetic curse, but that doesn't mean I'll stop trying!