Mother's Day Wish List

Since Mother's Day is next week, I thought I'd put together a wish list fo what I'd love to get. Now, I understand that my child is barely a year old and probably won't be headed out to the stores to shop for me this week. BUT, everytime my birthday/Christmas/other occasion comes up and family/friends ask me what I want I can never think of anything. So really, I'm putting this list together as a resource should anyone want to buy me something. (hint, hint, husband ;)

iPod - because, it's 2011. It's just time.

iPad - I actually want this for business purposes. I would love to use it when meeting with vendors or clients, and I'm sure there are/will-soon-be plenty of event planning apps available.

Flip camera - I also want this for my business, but I won't tell you how I'd use it, because I've yet to see other event planners do want I plan to do.

Pedicure - I normally do my own feet because 1 - I'm cheap and 2 - I don't particularly like people to touch my feet. But I got one last year a week before I had Eva, because logistically I just couldn't do it! And I finally understood why people pay a professional. My feet were baby soft for weeks.

Victoria's Secret Gift card - once I'm done nursing (hopefully in the next few weeks!) I NEED to get new bras.

MAC gift card - I need new foundation. That stuff is NOT cheap.

That's it for now. But I may add to it if I think of more...

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