Catch-up #2 - Eva is one!

I'm still in shock. I can't quite believe that my baby is now a toddler. It's a little too much to take in. It is so cliche, but so true, that the time flies by. I really do feel like just yesterday we brought home this little snuggly newborn. Now we have a little girl with a growing personality. (including some major 'tude! I mean I've heard of the 'terrible twos', but what about the 'onerous ones'? Because my little missy has already thrown her share of mini-tantrums. I already fear the teenage years - but I digress...)

To celebrate her birthday, she had a fun-filled day with Momma.
Don't you love this little outfit?!

First we went to a MOMS club activity (and I forgot to take pictures, oops!). Then it was back home for naptime. For lunch we tried CiCi's Pizza Buffet (that was my first time there, and I was excited to try it - honestly, it's just okay)

Here's Eva at Cici's (waiting on Momma to give her some more pizza)

While we were there, these little girls came up to say hi. Then they left to play in the arcade with their mom. I was chatting with the dad and mentioned that it was Eva's birthday. He headed back to meet up with his family. On their way out, they stopped at our table to give Eva a toy. It was so sweet!

After lunch, we headed to the local mall. There's a kids play area there that we've been to before for MOMS club playdates. She enjoyed the opportunity to just crawl and walk around without Momma saying 'no' or 'leave that alone' or 'stop', lol.

We BRIEFLY stopped by the park, so she could enjoy the swing. It was honestly 100+ degrees that day, so we were there less than 10 minutes.

(cell pic)

When my husband came home we had dinner, then sang happy birthday and allowed Eva another shot at a cake smash. I wanted to film it, but my camera was almost dead, so I could only snap one pic.

Smash? - yes. Eat? - heck no!

Here's all the new things Eva Diva is up to this month:
  • Can stand on her own. And she's working on getting up from sitting to standing without pulling up on something or someone.
  • Waves hi and bye-bye.
  • FINALLY says 'Momma'! But considering her diva attitude, a lot of times she says it in a demanding way. Le sigh.
  • She repeats words. Now they usually don't sound right, but you can tell that she's trying to repeat what you just said to her.
  • Is very 'helpful' - tries to help me when putting on her clothes or strapping her into the carseat.
  • She's solidly on table food. Occasionally I give her baby purees, but she pretty much eats whatever we eat for breakfast lunch and dinner. Now the whole weaning thing...eh, I think that 'process' deserves it's own post
  • And I'm sure you're wondering...
  • YES, she is walking - somewhat. She took her first true independent, unassisted steps on Friday. So now she can do spurts of 4-7 steps before falling on her bum. Plus, since she's learning how to stand without pulling up, I'm sure within a couple weeks she'll have this whole 'walking' thing down pat.
Miss Thing had her one year checkup on Wednesday (2 days after her birthday - I just couldn't fathom subjecting her to shots on her day!) The doctor said she's developing well.

Here are her stats:

Height: 30 in (75% percentile)

Weight 24 lbs 5 oz (90% - although that's still big, from 1-6 months, she was off the charts. So this shows that she's not growing at the same rate)

I'm so so so so so so so thankful that God blessed me with this spunky, funny, cuddly, strong, acrobatic, talkative little diva. Now on to year #2!

P.S. Her birthday party was last Saturday. As soon as I have pics, I will devote a post to recap!

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