Y3W | Mother's Day Gift

In the infamous words of Al Pacino, "Say hello to my little friend!"

That's right my friends. My hubby bought me a brand-spanking new iPad 2 for my first Mother's Day. When I put in on my gift wish list, I honestly thought maybe by Christmas of this year I would be graced with this delicious work of art. But I, thankfully, was wrong.

When my husband picked us up from the airport on Sunday, he presented me with a card. And the card was so heartfelt, especially with the message he wrote inside. In that last line he informed me about the technological beauty I would soon be meeting. Unfortunately, they are currently on back-order, so it probably won't arrive on our doorstep until late next week at the earliest. But I am PUMPED to say the least.

I reserve the right to become that annoying person that is always connected to their gadget of choice. I mean come on, it IS an iPad after all ;)

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