Take It Off Mondays

Last week I said I'd buckle down so I could hit my goal. Well thanks to the fact that I'm packing all day and my husband is in the capstone of his training (resulting in 12-16 hour days) I have not worked out in over a week. I did manage to get out walking with Eva 3-4 times. That must have been enough, because this morning I weighed in at...

154.5 lbs

I hit goal #2! Now I will admit, I know that my home scale is a little 'off', so I'm probably closer to 156-157. But that's okay with me. I'm just happy to be in the 150s. And now, my goal is to become familiar with my inner athlete. I played organized sports all through high school and I miss the feeling of being really FIT. I actually enjoy pushing my body to its limit and doing hard workouts. I remember every year during the first week of basketball practice I enjoyed the next-day soreness that accompanied our conditioning. I am an athlete at heart. So now I hope to push my body because I like being muscular and able to jog upstairs without being winded. I doubt I'll keep doing the weekly check-in, but I will keep you posted on my athletic adventures!

Starting Weight: 167.5

Weight Loss this week: 2.5 lbs

Weight Loss to date: 13 lbs

Weight Left to lose: 0 lbs - YAY!

First goal: 7.5 lbs (REACHED 4/4/2011)

  • Reward: A new craft organization box - PURCHASED (I finally organized it all! Well, I'm packing up the apartment, so I couldn't put if off much longer!)

Second goal: 12.5 lbs (REACHED 5/23/2011)

  • Reward: A new bathing suit (I'll wait til we get to VA to get this)

Final goal: To fit a size 10 pant

  • Reward: A new outfit for my new bod ;)
Success: Continued loss this week

Set-Backs: Nada!

Exercise: Once we move I want to start P90X!

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