13 months old

Soooo, apparently I have a 13 month old child. When did this happen? I'm trying to understand that.

Anyhoo, I intended on continuing the monthly photo shoots, complete with the custom stickers. However, those 'good intentions' got lost in the shuffle, a.k.a. our big move. BUT, by happenstance I did snap some photos of the little diva on June 9, so they will have to suffice.

I probably should preface these photos by noting that she was playing 'peek-a-boo' with her Grandma ;)

What is Ms. Eva up to these days? Any and EVERYthing.
  • She is officially walking, almost running. She took her first independent steps about 5 days after her birthday and 7-10 days later she had pretty much abandoned the whole 'crawling' thing. Because that is for babies. Which she is not. Sigh.
  • Still gabbing away all the time. Sometimes I think she says coherent words. Then I think I just strain to hear things and she's not saying what I think at all. She consistently says mama and dada, sometimes bye-bye. Eva does attempt to repeat things we say to her - most of the times unsuccessfully, but it doesn't stop her from trying! I do have to add one word that me, my mom and my husband have all heard at least a couple times. The 'n' word. Which baffles us, because none of us use that word at all. We don't watch music videos. My husband does listen to rap, but usually in his car without us or on his computer with his earphones in. So that's why I tell myself, she's not really saying that word because quite honestly - where would she have heard it? But then she'll genuinely look me in the eye and call me '*igga'. I guess Eva needs street cred at an early age.
  • The milk thing. I'm reminding myself now that I need to create a post dedicated to that struggle process.
  • Loves to play with anything that is NOT a toy. Which results in lots of 'no', 'stop that', 'put that down', 'don't eat that', 'leave that alone'...you get the idea. Toddlerhood is fun.
  • In a related subject, she definitely understands most of our directives. Which is why I find it hilarious when I ask her to give me something and she runs away from me (while giggling). I can tell she will be such a PEACH when she hits the teen years.
  • Went swimming in a pool for the second and third times this past week and was in seventh heaven. We could tell within her first couple months that she loved the outdoors. She'd be extremely cranky and then we'd take her over to our patio doors and just the sight of the trees would calm her down. She continues to love walks with momma, and just being outdoors in general. So her new-found love of the pool is no surprise, really. 
  • She's pretty much sleeping through the night. I never really posted about her sleep patterns, but with all the discombobulation in our lives over the past 5-6 months, it's understandable that she's been all over the place. Lately, she's been going to bed around 8:30-9, waking up between 6-7 to nurse, then she'll sleep for a couple more hours until she's up for the day. And she's pretty solidly on one long nap. Which is awesome. Because for months she took two crappy 20-30 minute naps, which left momma very little 'down time' during the day. So I'm loving that she'll now sleep for 1.5-2 hours midday. HAL-LE-LU-JAH!
  • Eva still only has her two front bottom teeth. I have seen no signs of teething since she got them around 7 months. At her 9 month checkup the doctor thought she'd have a couple more break through soon. Well, I wouldn't use him as a resource when setting up my March Madness bracket, because clearly his prediction meter is broken.
Now that the move is over, I'm glad we're in Virginia, because there is just sooooo much to do here. And a lot of free activities. So I'm looking forward to exploring with the little miss this summer, especially now that she's older and mobile - and basically a mini-person!

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