Eva's Birthday Party - part three

Soo, this is the last post recapping Eva's party. Visit part one to see the theme and decor, and part two for the food and desserts. This one is all about the activities and other pics from the party. Enjoy!

First up are some of the photos from our pre-party photoshoot. Eva refused to nap that day, so we had a mildly cranky baby on our hands. Mr. Binky was always within arms reach.

I love this picture of her!

She looks so innocent here, hahaha.

I had a few activities planned for the kids. When they first walked in, I had a coloring station setup for the kids to color and create a book for Eva. I got the idea here.

As you can see, there is sheet music fabric on the coloring station. I got this from the fabric scrap bins at Hobby Lobby for about a dollar - the same place I found the fabric backdrp for Eva's monthly photos.

Next we played a quick game of musical chairs. There were only 4 kids in attendance, two were too shy to play and our only boy was off playing somewhere else. Ah well. With kids, you have to be prepared to change plans. Plus, the party was only 2 hours so there wasn't a need to fill every minute with activities.

After we ate, I gave the kids a shot at the pinata. At this point it had started raining, so I was thankful I could just hold it and let them pull the strings, instead of the old-school 'beat-it-with-a-bat' technique.

Ahhh, candy!!!

Singing to the birthday girl!

I'm not sure about this cake thing, mom

She loved playing in it. Eating it - not so much. And she had the same reaction on her actual birthday two days later.

The after-effects:

All of her presents! Very spoiled girl!

Ready to dig in and open gifts...

Happy baby!

Playing outside

All in all it was a great day and fun was had by everyone. Now the only struggle is refraining from planning her 2nd birthday party ;)

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