On a Home-made Kick

Long before I quit working, I had started tinkering with making more things from scratch. One, to save money on buying things I could make myself, and also to reduce the amount of processed foods in my family's diet. Now I make my own pancake mix, taco seasoning, pizza dough and ice cream, among other things. I have to add that convenience is a big thing for me. If something is too much work, to me it's not worth the cost savings - my time is just as valuable. So I tell people that I make my pancakes from scratch and they're like 'Oh, that's too much work!' Soooo, is putting flour, baking powder, salt and sugar in a canister really too much work? Because I mix that ahead of time, and then add the eggs, milk and oil when I cook them - just as you would do with store-bought mix.

This doesn't mean that I make EVERYTHING from scratch or that we avoid ALL processed foods. But I certainly try. And also, I usually make a big batch of whatever it is, so it lasts awhile, and I'm not going through the hassle of making it from scratch every time. This week I'm planning to make the following: ice cream, frozen yogurt (for me, the hubs will get the ice cream) cheese crackers, and graham crackers. Now that Eva is 90% on table food (she's still nursing - another post on that soon) I'm looking for easy snacks that require little-zero prep. However, I want to avoid all the overprocessed crap that they sell for babies/toddlers. So the goldfish and graham cracker recipes are new to me, I'm hoping they work out well and become part of my repertoire.

While perusing the interwebz, I also stumbled across some delicious looking baked goods like these chocolate chip cookies, oreo fudge brownies, and s'mores mini cakes. But I have deviated greatly from my 'healthy lifestyle' while packing, loading, driving cross country, unloading, unpacking and settling the new apartment over these past couple weeks. So these sinful desserts will have to wait. Soon, my pretties - soon, I will test out your decadance!

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