11 months old!

Eva turned 11 months on Saturday. This post is a few days late. Who's keeping track? - if so, sue me.
Baby on the move!

My little princess is growing by leaps and bounds. She can still wear some 12 month clothes, but she's mostly in 18 month stuff. She's super active and is a pretty fast crawler. (crawler - is that a word?) She walks along the furniture. If her father or I try to hold her arms so she can walk, she wants nothing to do with it. In typical diva fashion, if she doesn't want to do something - she won't do it.
She also can understand simple commands like 'come here' or 'stop' or 'get down' (usually in reference to standing directly in front of the TV)

Eva loves taking everything out of the diaper bag. Especially my keys. Those are probably her favorite 'non-toy' toy. The only problem is she loves to stick them in her mouth. Like so:

Chilling on the slide with Momma

Our diva has become quite the picky eater the past few weeks. She's actually rejecting most table food now and nursing more often (just as I was ready to start the weaning process) I've been giving her bottles mixed with whole milk and breastmilk and slowly increasing the whole milk. Hopefully by the end of this week she'll be taking at least one fully whole milk bottle per day. Eva LOVES other babies and kids. She's not shy at all. Actually, she's a little bit of a bully, even with the older kids in our moms group.

She is so animated and makes the best facial expressions. This is one of my current faves:

Wait, I love this one too:

So pumped on the swing at the park, lol

Yesterday, I SWEAR she said 'Momma'. She was whining, but I promise you in the midst of her whines she said 'Momma' at least two distinct times. My husband disagrees. I think he's been sipping the haterade.

Little Miss Eva brings me mounds of joy daily and I thank God for the privilege of being her mom. I can't wait to celebrate her first birthday and look forward to watching my darling girl grow!

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