Take It Off Mondays

I didn't want to participate in Take It Off Mondays today. I had such a good week last week and to follow it up with this post is somewhat depressing.

BUT, I committed to publicizing my journey, which thus far, has helped keep me accountable. So I must continue, even though I'm a little embarrassed about this week.

I did well all week, and almost reached my fitness goals (minus one walking session due to the insanely hot Texas weather - it hit 100 degrees on Saturday!) And during the week I ate really well. But on Saturday and Sunday I managed to sabotage my good work. How, you might ask?

I had way too many liquid calories. For some reason both our milk and orange juice went bad the other day. We were out of water and my husband had the car most of the weekend and forgot to refill it. So I drank kool-aid all weekend. Which is so frustrating, because it's not even because of what I ate. But due to drinking liquid sugar for 2 days this is what I saw on the scale this morning:


I gained 3 pounds.

Now to make myself feel better, maybe one of those pounds is additional muscle, because I do feel stronger and I have been weightlifting regularly. But that can't account for all 3 pounds of gain, which I completely attribute to this weekend. It's sad because I had just hit a goal and was hoping to come close to hitting another one, but now I've taken two steps backward. I'm trying to use this as motivation to keep doing what I was the past few weeks. If anything, this proves that what I consume is more important than exercise, as this week was the most active for me since I started.

Okay, I'm done writing, because honestly I just am not in the mood anymore. Here's this week's stats:

Starting Weight: 167.5

Weight loss this week:
+3 lbs

Weight loss to date: 5.5 lbs

Weight left to lose: 7 lbs

First Goal: 7.5 pounds (REACHED 4/4/2011)

  • Reward: A new craft organization box

Second Goal: 12.5 pounds

  • Reward: A new bathing suit.

Final Goal: to fit in size 10 pants!

  • Reward: A new outfit for my new bod ;)

Success: Increased activity

Set-Backs: The liquid sugar that I was doing so well at avoiding...

Exercise: Keeping my exercise goal the same, hopefully I'll finally achieve it! I'm aiming for 3 walking sessions, 3 cardio workouts and 2 weightlifting or ab routines.


  1. Don't worry about minor setbacks like this. Look at how far you've already come! Just start fresh today and don't look back! :)

  2. I concur with Goober Monkey. Plus, I've found that it's easier to shed liquid-related calories than those with solid food. You can 'sweat' out the 'watery' sugar with one good workout - BTW have you tried adding jogging to your walk with Eva (of course not in the dead heat of the day - but early morning - late evenings might work and I bet she'd get a charge out of it!)