Remember this?

A couple weeks ago, I posted this little beauty:

Did you think I'd let Easter pass without attempting it? If so, you were very, VERY wrong. ;)

So here is my version below:

Of course it looks a bit different. I made several changes. First of all, I decided to only do a 2-layer, rather than 4-layer. The ingredients are kind of expensive, so I purchased half to save some dough. Plus, even as a 2-layer, it's a very rich decadent dessert, so I'm very glad for that change.

Also, I skipped the peanuts (I don't like nuts. Normally I may try to incorporate them somehow for people that do, but it was kind of difficult to do 50% with and 50% without for this dessert). I didn't whip the ganache for the sides, I just poured it all over. And I skipped the chocolate curls and peanut butter cups (on top), because other than being pretty, I didn't think they'd be missed.

Now, I must say that this is really good. It's also super rich and a small piece will do you for a few days. IF I make it again (I'll be honest, even cutting out some steps this is still labor-intensive and takes several days to complete) here are the final tweaks I would make:

  • Cut the caramel in half. It was just too much. This could be due to the fact that the cake was missing peanuts, but it was definitely caramel overload.

  • Cut the peanut butter frosting in half. As much as I tried to use it all, I still had about 1/3 cup left after I was finished.

  • Put more peanut butter cups in the cheesecake. I didn't follow this part to the 'T' and it definitely could have used more peanut butter cups.
So I hope I haven't scared you off from this tantalizing treat. I'm glad I tried it, it wasn't difficult, just time-intensive. And I'm saving it to maybe try in the future with oreos & whipped cream replacing the peanut butter cups and peanut butter frosting, respectively...

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  1. Thank you daughter, for your laborious efforts in making this for our family. Ummmm, good! Well worth the time. You're better than me...I don't think I would have even attempted to make this!