A Martha Stewart Remix...

So in my travels across the world wide web, I have found tons of pictures of beautiful homemade poms made out of tissue paper. And apparently, Ms. Stewart is behind them all.

I found this little tutorial and thought 'Oh! That looks easy! I've got to try it!'

Darn you Martha. Why do you do this to us? You make these awesome arts and crafts and homemade delicacies and do it with such ease that we think - 'surely I can do it exactly like she did, no problem.'

Um, no.

So, here's a picture of the beautiful Martha Stewart poms:

Here's how my attempt at a pom turned out:

Yeah - that's hot.

And in case you're wondering, I also tried it in the large version. I actually attempted the large one first, and got similar results to the above pics.

I was kinda bummed out, but started playing with the pitiful pom and came across two different options that I really like.

First, I stumbled across this little tissue-pom-turned-flower.

Since it's naturally messy, I found it hard to mess up. I even tested it out in a vase.

And secondly, I realized if I didn't pull out all the layers, I could make these cute little circles instead:

So I plan to use my new 'skillz' in decorations for Eva's party. I'm sure you'll see some flowers and some circles.

Maybe, just maybe, I'll finally figure out how to make a perfectly round pom as well!

Ah - don't hold your breath on that last one.


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