Catch-up #1 - Take it off...Thursdays?

Ok, I know, I know. I have been very negligent about posting my weight-loss check-ins. But in my previous post, I explained why I've been MIA. So let's skip the apologies and just get to it ;)

(So I was thinking I only missed 2 weigh-ins, but apparently I missed THREE!)
Even though I was traveling, away from my home (meaning I was not grocery shopping or planning my meals), attending parties and baking for Eva's party, I managed to not only maintain my weight loss, but also lose a teeny bit. It might have something to do with the fact that I worked out the night before my Monday weigh-in, but either way, I'm happy to be at 158.5. While I was home, I got a lot of comments from friends and family about my new shape. I tend to be a modest person and sometimes it's hard for me to celebrate my accomplishments - I don't want to brag or lose humility. But I did stop and allow myself to accept their compliments. I think in the past I was so focused on my end weight-loss goal that I couldn't enjoy the small goals I reached along the way. Which in the end, I think, led me to get frustrated and not hold on to healthy lifestyle habits. And the funny thing is, in this week's episode of Biggest Loser, one of the contestants had the same 'ah-ha!' moment as me ;) So here it is at a glance:

Starting Weight: 167.5

Weight Loss this week, er, 3 weeks (oops!): 1.5 lbs

Weight Loss to date: 9 lbs

Weight Left to lose: 3.5 lbs

First goal: 7.5 lbs (REACHED 4/4/2011)

  • Reward: A new craft organization box - PURCHASED (I guess I should get to the organizing, eh?)

Second goal: 12.5 lbs

  • Reward: A new bathing suit

Final goal: To fit a size 10 pant

  • Reward: A new outfit for my new bod ;)
Success: Losing weight while technically on vacation!

Set-Backs: I didn't work out as much as I wanted in Ohio, but I've gotten back into my groove this week.

Exercise: I'm pretty close to my goal weight. I want to work out at least 4x a week. And walks with Eva will just be a bonus.


  1. That's awesome, congrats on the continued weight loss!