Eva's First Year At a Glance

Since my 'Eva is One' post was so incredibly long, I thought I'd post this separate. I took pictures of Eva every 'monthly birthday' to capture her changes over this first year. I displayed them at her birthday party (I promise, I'll post pics soon!) but here they are for your viewing pleasure!

Here she was only one week old! Sigh. I want another one. (not right now, but eventually!)

One month:

Two months:

Three months:

Four months:

Five months:

Six months:

Seven months:

Eight months:

Nine months:

Ten months:

Eleven months:

One year old!!!


  1. So cute! That is such a cute idea, to put the month on her shirt! Thank you for sharing the pictures, you can definately tell how much she changed month to month. :)

  2. Thanks Star! And I can't take credit, I saw other moms do that on thebump.com