'It's been a long time, I shouldn't have left you...'

Two snaps for anyone that can name the song where I got the line for this post title ;)

Wow, so it's been about 10 days since I've posted. In the real world, not hearing from someone for 10 days isn't that bad. In the blogosphere that is almost like falling off the face of the earth.

I apologize for my absence.

In all fairness, last week I was preparing for Eva's birthday party, packing to return home to Texas, and preparing for Mother's Day and a friend's college graduation. It was a busy week to say the least.

And I would say things have slowed down since I got back Sunday, but no. We are moving cross-country in 2 weeks. So cue the mad dash to get all moving-related tasks complete (and since we are military, there are several other 'to-dos' on our list than the civilian crowd. sigh.)

To top it all off, a group of my sorority sisters and their significant others and their children are planning to come visit us in Virginia at the beginning of August. Which is great and I'm sooooo excited! But being the resident event planner of the group, as well as the 'official host' that weekend, I started working on an itinerary for everyone, so they can make travel arrangements.

Oh and somewhere in that madness, I think my baby celebrated her first birthday? Eeek.

So since I have so much to fill everyone in on, I'm going to split it up in several posts. And cue the brain dump of thoughts and activities over the past two weeks...