Day 27-Pets

We currently do not have any pets. And I don't think that will change any time soon. Not that I don't like pets - I do. When I was 6-7ish I remember having fish. I'm not sure how long they lived, but I do know that it wasn't long! On my 11th birthday, my parents gave me a dog, who I named Joey. He was about 2 months old when I got him, and he was so hyperactive and jumped a lot, and that's where I came up with his name. (Joey - name for baby kangaroos) Joey was a Keeshond. Here's a pic so you have an idea of what he looked like:

Not Joey! picture credit

That fur was cute, but so annoying! It got everywhere around the house. And it was rare to not find fur on our clothes. He was a very good dog; obedient and super loyal. When he was about 10 years old we found out he had cancer. And it had spread throughout his body when we found out. So while on my spring break in 2005, we put him down. As hard as that was, it was even harder seeing him suffer. He was a completely different dog - he wouldn't eat, or bark and he was barely walking. My dad actually had to carry him up and down the stairs.

So because I don't think I'd want to go through that again, as well as the work that goes into having pets, we are a pet-free family for now. Maybe when E gets older we'll consider it, but for now it's not in the cards.

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