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Well folks, we're down here in Te-jas! It was seventy degrees when we got here, and then that nasty storm ran through here on Tuesday - since then it's been around 20 degrees every day. I thought I left winter behind in Ohio!

The move is, well, not completely over. We've still got lots of unopened boxes in the apartment. For the most part the kitchen, bathroom and E's room are together. But our living room and master bedroom look like hazardous zones. There's only so much I can do during the day with the little one around. And when hubby gets home, he eats, plays with her for a little bit and goes to bed. I can't blame him, because he is on base for long hours. So hopefully, this weekend we can wrap up the majority of unpacking and start arranging this place to look like a home! I'm praying that pesky Super Bowl doesn't derail our progress...

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