Time to Take the Plunge...

I mentioned in an earlier post my desire to start my own event-planning company. Well, after talking with my husband I've decided it's now or never. I made a promise to myself to get my business up and running before my 30th birthday. I turned 27 in October and realized I can't keep putting it off. If I don't try, I'll always wonder what if - so now's the time!

For now, I'm just putting myself out there to locals. I want to build up my portfolio a bit before we move to our permanent duty station this summer. I know this may sound crazy, but I actually think I want to specialize in kids' parties/events. I've been looking at all these blogs with ideas for Eva's birthday and there is no limit with what you can do for little kiddos. Now, I am not a supporter of extreme extravagance displayed on shows like My Super Sweet Sixteen and the new Outrageous Kid Parties. Although I would be fortunate from a business standpoint to ever have clients with that kind of spending power - the thought of it just churns my stomach.

I hope to chronicle my foray in entrepreneurship here on the bliggity blog. Here goes nothing!

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