Organization 101

Ugh. I have got to get myself together. In multiple aspects.

1. Over the past couple years I have collected an assortment of crafting items like scrapbook paper, glue gun, acrylic paint and brushes, etc. They were all purchased with a specific project in mind, and of course I have leftovers and would never throw them out - that's so wasteful! But now, I have two shelves in our linen/storage closet that are a complete mess full of random crafting stuff. I need to get it sorted and put in an organized container, because it is really annoying me.

2. I also have slacked on organizing our finances/bills since I moved. I DID file our taxes however, and was pleasantly surprised to find that we're getting a sizable return this year. Birthing a child definitely has it's benefits ;) But, back to what I was saying. Our bills are unorganized and right now there are about 3 that are past due. Eeek! I need to get it together.

3. And finally - probably most importantly right now. I have soooooooooo many ideas about how to go about putting my business together. But they are all in my head. In a scatterbrained fashion. I need to get a planner to write some of this stuff down. Because having all these ideas in my head only leads to one thing - eventually some WILL get forgotten/put off/confused etc. So please pray for me as I attempt to get my life in order!!! AHHHHHHHHH!!!


P.S. If you have any organization tips for me, feel free to post a comment! I don't have to do all the talking here, you know!

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