The Hunger Games

One of the bloggers I follow is an avid reader, like myself. She recommended that her followers read The Hunger Games trilogy. I made a mental note, but forgot all about it.

Fast forward several weeks and I'm at Wal-Mart buying a few last minute things for our trip to Texas. I see the first book in the series and think, it's probably good to have reading material for our flights. Well, that didn't happen, considering I was alone with a squirmy baby. But in between unpacking boxes this week I finished the first book. And Friday I made a trip to the local library to check out the other 2. As of this afternoon I had finished reading them both.

Yes, I am a quick reader. (The books are about 400 pages) However, only really riveting stories like this one require me to keep reading. The plot and character development is just that riveting.

I went online today to see if there's any rumors of movie deals. The script has already been written, a director and release date set for the first film (March 2012). Even though I've read the series and of course know how it ends, I am super pumped to see it on the big screen. In the meantime, I'll make due with the Twilight finale ;)

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