Day 13-Goals

I have a lot of goals, so I'll separate this into different categories.

To lose at least 15 pounds and subsequently maintain a healthy lifestyle. I've lost weight before but I always revert back to bad eating habits and stop working out after reaching my goal. I want to change my attitude from trying to just lose weight to eating healthy and staying active. Now that E is here, I want to be a good example for her. I'm picky about what she eats, and realize that if I change my diet, then it will be easier to wean her to table food, because I won't be making separate meals for her.

When I was a kid/teenager, I loved arts and crafts and baking. I want to get back into these hobbies, because they're an easy stress-reliever. Plus, when we move, I think it will help my emotional well-being to have something fun to do by myself. However, I'll have to be careful with the baking, because that could derail me reaching my health goals!

I want to start my own event-planning business. In college I first learned about the industry and gave myself until the age of 30 to get started. After having worked in meeting/event planning for an association for 3 years, I'm more determined to start my own company. So I've got about 2.75 years left to reach this one ~ the clock is ticking!

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