And it only took 10 months...

We finally ordered Eva's crib! hahahaha

When she was born we knew we'd have a couple moves ahead of us, so instead of setting up/tearing down a crib multiple times we decided to wait until now to finally get one for her. I was all set to purchase it a couple weeks ago...then it was out of stock! ahhh, so annoying!

Thankfully it was back in stock a few days ago, so I ordered it online this morning. And here's what we got, in case you were wondering.

Baby girl has been sleeping in her pack and play this whole time, and I think it's affecting her congestion, since she's so low to the ground. Plus I know she sleeps much better on an actual mattress, as opposed to the hard board + padding that you get with a pack and play. I'm hoping the crib transition won't be too bad, since she is already sleeping in her own room. But you never know with babies, and especially with the diva we have!

So once it's here and installed and I make a few finishing touches to Eva's nursery/guest room, I will FINALLY post some pics!

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