Project #1

A few posts back I alluded to some projects I had in the queue. Well here is the result of my first task.

We inherited this beat up table from my husband's bachelor days. It's in Eva's room since her nursery is red, black and white. But I've wanted to do something to it for awhile. Originally I wanted to paint it because it is so scuffed up:

But then I thought of another idea. A former co-worker of mine had refinished some old barstools she found using scrapbook paper! So here are the tools you need for this project:

Scrapbook paper
Spray adhesive
Exacto knife
Mod podge
Foam brush

First I laid out all my paper to make sure I had enough and that I had a plan for how each piece would fit together:

I sprayed the table, then laid out each piece, being careful to overlap it correctly - sort of like a puzzle:

Then I trimmed the edges with the exacto knife. After letting it dry, I applied a couple thin coats of mod podge to seal it. And here is the finished product:

Do you like? I do, I do!!!

I've got more projects coming, so stay tuned! ;)

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