Project #2

While perusing the web for first birthday party ideas I found this easy peasy project and just had to try it.

What do you think? A custom cupcake/dessert tiered tray. Would you believe that the materials cost a total of $5? (not including paint) These normally cost $30-40, depending on where you buy it.

I saw the idea and tutorial here. You'll notice that instead of sticking with her multi colored scheme, I painted mine all white. I try to minimize making elaborate crafts for one-time use. I like making home decor that will last, or other items that I can use multiple times. So by painting it all white, I can use it for many parties in the future. And since they're not technically food-safe, I think I'll use scrapbook paper to tie in the party color scheme, while simultaneously protecting the food.

And since I was already set up for painting, I went ahead and bought another tray for $1 and painted it too:

I love them! So cheap, so easy, yet personalized to my taste!

I've still got more projects to attempt and post here... :)

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