Take It Off Mondays

Since I'm currently pursuing my weight loss goals, I'm going to join Jenni from the Blog on her weekly updates.
Before I had Eva, I was about 10 pounds above my goal weight. Which wasn't bad, let me say. But since I was so close, I wasn't really motivated to get the weight off. I mean, I exercised 3-4 times a week. But I ate CRAP. All the time. I think I was still in my high school/college mentality that as long as I worked out, I could eat whatever I wanted. However, I am older now, and those days are gone. As Rob Base says 'It takes two to make a thing go right'. Meaning, now I need diet AND exercise.

While I was pregnant, I tried to stay somewhat active with prenatal yoga and the occasional workout. But let's face it - working full time + taking care of your home/husband + extra curricular activities ON TOP of baking a baby don't leave much time or energy for physical exertion. I did do a relatively good job of not 'letting myself go' with food. I allowed myself cravings, but I did not double my calorie intake, just cause I was 'eating for two'. Instead I tried to eat similarly to pre-pregnancy minus some crap, plus some fruits/veggies.
And I did pretty well. I gained plus/minus 40 pounds with Eva. At about one month post-partum about 28 of those pounds were gone. By January I was about 5-8 pounds away from my pre-pregnancy weight. And this past Thursday (March 3) I weighed in at 167.5. So nice to see that number! Hadn't been in the 160s in awhile.

So what am I doing, you ask? Because I had a tendency to yo-yo with my weight in the past, I decided that this is not just about weight loss. It's about having a healthy lifestyle. Being active and eating nutritionally, so I not only feel good, but so I set an example for Eva. Now that she's eating a lot of table foods, it's even more motivation for me. If I'm eating good stuff, I don't have to make separate meals for her - she can just eat off my plate!

I still allow myself treats. But I don't keep them in the house, which requires me to go out and purchase them and ensures it's not an everyday thing. I also have not baked any goodies since Christmas. And if you know me, that is a big accomplishment. I LURVE baking and then eating my creations. So I had to curb that habit if I was going to be successful.

I've upped my protein and fiber intake. I eat whole-grains and beans and peanut butter and lean meats. I drink mostly water, with the occasional juice thrown in. And I keep my portion size in check. That's it. I knew I didn't want a diet plan like Weight Watchers or similar, because everyone I know that does so can usually lose the weight, but has problems maintaining after said diet is over. Like I said before I wanted a lifestyle change, so it will be easy for me to maintain the weight loss once I reach my goal. And I should mention that I am relatively active - I take Eva on 1 hour plus walks to and from the park. Last week I added a couple elliptical workouts as well.

My current goal weight is 160. Once I hit that, I want to aim for 155. And once I get there, it will be all about toning and firming. I'm hoping to reach that by Eva's birthday, so I've got about 8 weeks and I know it's totally doable.
So let's do it!


  1. Aww, good luck mama, it sounds like your on the right track! Thanks for joining in... together we can do this!!

  2. Thanks Jenni - we'll be there before we know it!

  3. Good luck! You're gonna do great. Are you on Twitter? We need to keep each other motivated!

    And you also have a new follower :)

  4. Thanks Stephanie! I am not on Twitter, trying to stay away from it, lol. Yay - now I'm up to 3 whole followers ;)

  5. Good luck, I have been dieting and excercising since right after Christmas and am down about 15 pounds! It's sooo hard, but you are right, it is definately a reasonable goal!

  6. That's great Star! Hopefully I can be successful like you!