Take It Off Mondays

I caved. I mentioned my Inner Struggle last week to avoid the baking. Well I didn't. I made banana bread. Twice. Banana bread is basically banana cake sans icing. And I had 2 pieces Friday, 3 on Saturday and another 2 yesterday. Ugh.

I have come to realize two things about my eating habits (and they say the first step in breaking addictions/bad habits is accepting them right? So I'm on my way, right? - just appease me and say yes)

First, I am a nighttime snacker. During the day I'm busy with Eva, cleaning the house, running errands or doing stuff on my computer so sometimes I forget snacks or go too long between meals. But when I do eat during the day I make good decisions and control my portion size. And then after I put her to bed and commence sitting like a log in front of the TV that's when the cravings strike.

The second thing is, I'm a contact craver (not sure if I made that up - if so, just go with it) I have been doing so well passing up on fast food and eating good when I do occasionally eat at a restaurant. But seeing people eating junk or sweets makes me want it soooooo bad. Hubby got some Sonic this weekend, so I made him get me a strawberry limeade. I pass Sonic everyday almost and have no problem avoiding it, but once I knew he was going I had to have it.

Which is why I do so horribly on the weekends. There are no moms/spouse group activities on the weekend, and I do my chores during the week (except for laundry) and my husband is a homebody who eats all the time. I weigh myself on Thursday mornings and as of last Thursday I was 163.5. Let's just say I didn't maintain that loss over the weekend...I'm hoping to 'reset' and also lose another pound or two this week. So here's the weekly review:

Starting Weight: 167.5

Weight loss this week:
1.5 lbs

Weight loss to date: 4 lbs

Weight left to lose: 8.5 lbs

First Goal: 7.5 pounds

  • Reward: Still not sure - maybe some craft goods, since I've been hankering to do some new projects...

Second Goal: 12.5 pounds

  • Reward: A new bathing suit.

Final Goal: to fit in size 10 pants!

  • Reward: A new outfit for my new bod ;)

Success: During the week, I ate really well. And I managed to curb my late night snacking. But then I baked, and then the weekend came and - well, you know the story...

Set-Backs: Weekend, late-night snacking and contact craving...

Exercise: My goal last week was to walk 5x. I walked 3x. But I achieved my goal of doing cardio 3x and I also lifted weights twice. So I'm going to try to walk 5x, cardio 3x, and again, any weight lifting is just a bonus. I might even sneak in some ab workouts!

So now I must get off this couch and get walking. Talk to you later, interwebz.

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  1. Here's a suggestion - try journaling when the urge hits - keep your journal and a pen near your TV that you watch at night. Then when the urge hits, use your journal to pray and ask for God to give you what you need. Also, as we've seen from The Biggeset Loser, you need someone to hold you accountable - ask someone (friend, fellow blogger, your mom) if you can call them when the urge hits for that bit of encouragement to get you through the nite ready to face the next day victorious!