My inner struggle

I haven't blogged much about my plans for Eva's birthday, but as I start finishing projects, I promise I will add more. All I'll say for now, is we're doing a music theme for our little 'Eva Diva' and the color scheme is black, white, plum purple and buttercup yellow. More details to follow...

But for now, I've been looking at blogs and websites for dessert ideas. I know most birthday party hosts offer cake and ice cream - but I'm trying to do something different. I want to do a mini dessert buffet (especially since I'm keeping the food VERY simple). And I'm so excited to execute it. There's only one problem.

My new healthy lifestyle.

I desperately want to try out some of these creations, not really to eat them, but more so to practice before I attempt it for the party. And as I mentioned before, I love baking and being creative with it - I find it so fun! But I'm trying to keep treats out of the house so I can't go overboard like I have in the past and eat everything in sight. So baking right now is out of the question. To get around that, I'm hoping there's some event or get-together around the corner that 1. would give me a legitimate reason to bake and 2. give me the opportunity to give those creations away, so they're not in my house.

Hopefully that happens soon, because I have the baker's itch. One can only hold off so long before you must scratch...

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