Day 11-Favorite tv shows

I'm a TV junkie, and I'm trying to work on cutting back. Buuuuuuuuuttttt, since you asked, here they are!

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I don't get people that don't like this show. I have found so many similarities in some of the characters with people I used to work with. And I just love Jim and Pam.

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I think I like this show because it makes me thankful that I had my daughter after graduating high school and college and getting married. I'm so glad I don't have to struggle with school and minimum wage jobs, because just taking care of her is stressful enough.

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Is it bad that I usually feel hungry when watching this show? :)

And I hate to admit it...

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Yes, I watch Jersey Shore! I think they are characters and I laugh at it like a sitcom. I do think it's kind of creepy though that Mike and Pauly are hovering around 30. Weird!

Ok, so obviously I'm a reality show addict. There's more shows I watch, but those are the ones I make a point to see every week.

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