Your Three Words

In 7 days I'll be preparing for a 3-flight journey with my 8 month old baby. (trying not to hyperventilate thinking about it...) At the end of our trek, we'll be reunited with my husband, finally. While I'm excited to leave the frigid cold and to be with the Mr. I have to admit I'm sad to leave. I lived my entire life, with the exception of one year in grad school, in northern Ohio. My family's here, most of my friends are here, and it's just home. I so look forward to the adventure of moving away, while we're young and before E is in school. But I'm soliciting your prayers and well-wishes because I know it will be a HUGE transition.

For now I've been focused on spending time with my peeps and getting any last-minute moving errands completed. But I know when I actually get to the airport, it will hit me. After next week, Ohio will probably never be my home again.


  1. Aww, good luck with the move! I would be hyperventilating too, not only about the flight but about moving from my family.

    Best of luck mama!!!