Day 20-Nicknames

Let's see, we'll start at the top. My first name is Deanna. Since birth, the majority of my family members have called me 'De-de'. My Dad takes it a step further with 'De-de-bee' or sometimes just 'Bee'. My uncle who died when I was about 11 called me 'De-de-bych'. Don't know how that started, and I really don't remember it. My Grandmother told me that several years later.

In middle/high school most of my friends called me 'Dee'. During college most people referred to me by my real name, with the sporadic 'Dee' here and there.

Occassionally my sorority sisters will refer to me as 'Panty Girl' but that is an inside joke that I will not explain on this blog :)

My hubby and I have many nicknames for each other. He first called me 'Mimi', short for my middle name (Camille). Most days it is 'Babe', but others have included: 'Muffin', 'Muff', 'Muff-butt' and 'Mama'.

I will add, that I've never told family, friends, etc. to call me anything. When I meet new people, I tell them my real name. Should they choose to give me a nickname, I'll usually respond to it. I haven't come across any crazy ones, yet!

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