Day 23-Favorite vacation

So far my favorite vacation was this past March when we went to San Diego, CA. 'We' included myself, my husband, my parents, my mom's two sisters and my cousin. Even though it was colder than normal when we went, I just loved it there. First of all, I'm a big fan of west coast/southwest architecture, so I loved when we visited the older parts of town. And even though I'm not really into laying out or swimming, I do enjoy visiting the beach. It was just a nice relaxing vacation. And good quality family time. It was our last trip before E was born, so I think fondly of the days when we traveled sans car seat, stroller, play pen, diapers, bottles, etc. etc. etc. Here's some pics from our trip, enjoy!

I don't know what this pier was called, but it was verrrrrrrrryyyyyy long, and we were high above the ocean!

Hubby and me at the zoo!

This was outside of our condo for the week.

At the historic Hotel del Coronado.

I had just gotten my new camera, so I was testing it by taking pics outside the condo. Isn't it pretty?!

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