Your Three Words

I've been following Jenni from the Blog for a while and she participates in this blogging challenge. Basically, once a week you describe something going on in your life - in three words. I thought I'd start joining in! So here's my first 'Your Three Words' post:

I've hinted previously about a pending move. My daughter and I will be trekking cross-country to join my husband. So I've got to pack up the remainder of our things that are not in storage because the movers are coming next week. Because it could take 10-14 days for our things to arrive at our new place there's a 2 week gap between the day the movers come and she and I get on a plane. So I have to pack up her highchair, pack n play, changing table, etc. But we're not leaving for another 2 weeks, so I have to leave enough clothes and diapers, and the like. This should be fun...

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