Day 4-Your parents

Can I just say it? My parentals are awesome.

First we have Mom.

She taught me how to be a bargain shopper and to balance a budget. She is great at speaking in public (thankfully she gave me that gene) and is a master proofreader.

But most importantly, my mom is a caretaker. When people are going through a difficult time, she is there to help them. That includes visiting the sick, making food for the bureaved, making a call to those who are depressed, writing letters to the imprisoned, and praying for all of them and everyone in between. She is always willing to listen to others' problems and pray on their behalf. And I truly admire her for that.

And then we have Dad:

Mr. Fix-it. His father was a carpenter and taught him a lot of skills. My dad and his brothers assisted my grandfather in building their family home. He was also 'the sports parent'. He came to most, if not all of my games. Dad actually watched me play and gave me pointers afterwards. (as opposed to mom, who mostly chit-chatted with the other moms and occasionally waved to prove her attendance ;)

I am in awe of his wealth of Biblical knowledge and dedication to his church. Although my Dad was raised in church, as a young adult he abandoned the Christian lifestyle. When I was about 6-7, he renewed his faith in God and hasn't looked back since. He was recently ordained as a deacon, and I am so proud of how seriously he takes this role.

And lastly, the parental unit:

They have just always been there for me. Period. No questions asked. When I got married, they adopted my husband as another son. My mom quit working several years ago, and after I had E, she became our full-time babysitter. And recently they let me and the little one move in while hubby completed boot camp.

They raised me in a loving, supportive home and gave me the gift of a Christian upbringing. For that, I will ALWAYS be grateful. Love you two!

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