Day 3-Your first love

Ok, so I'm going to break this down into 3 different types of 'first love'.

1. First Crush

OMG, I was so in love with him. Let's call him 'CB'. It (the crush) lasted several years, probably from age 8ish until my early teens. No joke. We went to the same church; I was close friends with his sister and I loved his family, especially his dad. Somehow he found out about my crush on his son, and he used to always joke about me being his daughter-in-law. Anyhoo, CB was just so darn cute! We moved away (and joined a new church) when I was 11, so eventually the crush fizzled.

2. First 'play love'

So I met him within my first few weeks of college. He was several years older than me. We were never a couple, but I sure tried. After about a year and a half of 'dating' I finally moved on. I was trying so hard to make him something he wasn't, that it took me forever to realize that we were just not compatible.

3. First REAL TRUE Love

That would be my husband! The father of my child. My best friend. The guy who makes me laugh with his ridiculous one-liners. The man that took wonderful care of me after I had a c-section. He is the tic to my tac, the yin to my yang and the cheese to my macaroni. And just because I'm feeling all warm and fuzzy and love-dovey, here's a pic of me and my honey on October 19, 2008:

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