I feel violated.

Over the weekend, a couple people mentioned to me that they're following me. That's great! Or, is it? To give you an idea of how I felt when they told me, let's use this example:

Let's say you frequently change clothes in your room while the blinds on your window are open. Now you know there is a possibility that someone could see you, but you do it anyway. Then one day a neighbor mentions to you 'Hey, I saw you changing your clothes the other day'. Even though you knew there was always a chance of that happening, wouldn't you still feel a little self-conscious?

I've only been on this journey for a week or so now. But my friends made me realize that there are people out there reading what I have to say. I started wondering what they thought of previous posts. Do they think I'm funny? stupid? obviously bored? At that moment I had to remind myself of this post. I'm doing this for me. No matter how others feel about my posts, I'm going to keep at it.

So, to any of my 'followers' out there, keep on reading, you peeping toms ;)

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